Meet The Team


Erica Coit

Customer Service Manager

Mike Brisendine

Operations Leader

Jeremy Conner

Executive Chef

Jason Lee


In 2010, I decided it was time to transform my body and life. As I looked in the mirror, I wasn’t satisfied with what was staring back at me. I researched and spoke with many seasoned trainers, dietitians, and scouring the internet for different solutions. After spending much time researching with top professionals, I quickly discovered that the most crucial element in transforming your body is based around a consistent clean eating diet. It made sense, as I had seen the same people consistently in the gym over the years that looked the same and never seemed to be improving their physique, although they were training with great passion. Armed with my new diet information, I realized that eating clean and healthy is not an easy as it sounds. I didn’t have the ability to hit a fast food restaurant and order the food I needed. when it was time to eat.  I was also spending many hours a week visiting different grocers whereby I was procuring lean proteins and vegetables to meet my dietary requirements. I would then spend hours cooking and cleaning. Trying to find the extra time needed along with juggling my family and a full time job often left me often without the meals I needed for day or week.  PREP’D was created to give customers like myself healthy quick options by having great healthy food prepared in a ready to eat setting.